To spy is the activity of knowingly with intention, gathering of information from a third person without the awareness of them knowing that they are being filmed secretly. Spying has been with us for a long time. Traditionally, it was referred to as espionage. It became famously used during and after the world war two. Governments at the time needed to secretly gather intelligence information, with the motive of using the information against the particular regime. Without cameras, the countries at one end, relied on human camouflage service, to infiltrate those regime systems. 

As the name suggests, it is done with either good or bad intention. Good intention is when for instance spying is used to expose the rot in the society, by gathering of information and putting to light vices occurrence. The intention of correcting what could end up being a plague in the society. The information most purpose is for evidence and exhibit gathering, particularly if need be used in a court of law. The bad intention is when it is used to record the activity and for commercial exploitation of the third person. The abuse of an individual's rights using hidden spy cameras has been used with the intention of intimidating or commercial coercion.

First forward, the spy cameras are a big business. Commonly referred to as surveillance cameras. Living in a society where looking behind your back is more of a priority than a luxury. Big brother as they are commonly referred in the media, surveillance cameras have been used to deter human ill intentions. By gathering information for the purpose of aiding law enforcement agents. The spy camera or security camera are strategically placed for the purpose of recording transmission. It has reduced the time it takes for crime scene investigators to gather information. Technology has invented different types of spy cameras, in shape and size. 

They are now a common gadget in homes. The nanny camera is one gadget that becomes a third eye for the homeowner. When the homeowner is not at home for monitoring purpose. Within the enclosed home environment, many cases of abuse have been reported in many homes. The abuse often occurs when the expected caregiver turns out to be the abuser, to the most vulnerable member of the home or nursing center. Cases of victims undergoing the most inhumane form of mental and physical torment, perpetrated by these caregivers have been reported thanks to the spy camera. Commercially, the spy cameras have been used for entertainment purpose. Where individuals from different nations are placed in one home and viewed secretly for the purpose of entertainment.
Why You Need a Spy Camera